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Creating the Future of Live productions

Our story

Huvi, meaning “fun” or “amusement” in Finnish, is a Live Stream Broadcasting company dedicated to providing high-quality entertainment, live shows, and original content for viewers looking for a new and exclusive live media product.

Our passion is creating broadcast and studio-quality productions that enable Huvi clients to promote their business or products using our state-of-the-art production studios. Our mission is to provide a fun, creative, and immersive Environment for you to create the production of your dreams. We are the place where “Lifestyle Meets Sports and Entertainment”.

the best movie experience

at a minimal cost

We keeps costs low for you by using our full production studio to broadcast Live Shows with a primary focus on Lifestyle, Business, Sports, and Original Entertainment. Options are available to host your Show or Live Streamed event on the Huvi website; we also offer an embedded solution for your own website, allowing anyone the opportunity to be heard and to share their story at a minimal cost.  

Livestream VR Esports

Building the Future of Esports

Our upcoming VR and E-Sports gaming facilities will feature cutting-edge PC and VR games, attractions and experiences, and will be the host to live tournaments, and exclusive streams so people all around the world can tune into the future of gaming and Esports!

Our Services

Pro studios

Our studios integrate state-of-the-art live streaming and filming technology with professional lighting and audio mixing to ensure the highest quality, top-notch, professional Live Stream production. When filming is complete, you will leave the Huvi Studios with a finished product to share with your clientele.

sponsors + ads

We can also customize our show set or studio to offer targeted branding and monetization to maximize the exposure and audience outreach for your Live Streamed event or production. Our clients can bring sponsors and advertisers into their production to monetize off each individual show. 

Full Production Studio

Implement a state of the art production studio for Live shows and original content

Hosting Platform

Host your show or Live Streamed event on the Huvi website

VR & Esports Tournaments

Host, play, and compete in the future of livestream sports & gaming

Professional Equipment

The Huvi studios use state-of-the-art VMX, Lighting and Camera Equipment

Sponsors and Advertising

Bring sponsors and ads to your productions for monetization

Production Management

Customize your show set to offer targeted monetization for your production

Full Graphic Package

Add sponsorship banners and commercials to your live broadcast

White Label Solutions

Upload your media to your own website or social media for viewing

Live & Pre-Recorded

Host and record your own live and pre-recorded shows

Live Streamed Sports

Livestream premier sports to audiences around the world

Full Fruition Guarantee

Come to us with a concept and leave with a top-notch production

Custom Service Plans

Contact us and get a casting plan specially tailored for you

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Need a Quality Movie or Video? Say hi, and let’s work together